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Bell started us on this journey and hasn’t disappointed; sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Bell is AKC registered; comes from fantastic hunting lines and has amazing prey drive. Bell is tall and very athletic. She is extremely loyal and attentive. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch and will continue to play until your arm falls off. She loves curling up on her bed in the living room or laying by your side to watch some TV. Her previous litters with Jagger have been amazing. If you are looking for that partner to run trails on long hikes or watch over your family, she’s the dame for you.



Daisy is the most loving Weim you will ever find. She loves to lay on the couch and cuddle up next to you. Daisy just loves to be loved. She will hike all day next to you and do whatever you ask, especially if tempted by a treat. Daisy is AKC registered with a stalky and strong build. Her only desire in life is to love and serve you. She is a very attentive and good momma.



Stormy is AKC registered. She is always on the move and loves to go on walks. She's got a long head. She's got a blue-gray coat.



Mia is an AKC daughter of Bell and Jagger. She is very focused and determined eager to learn. She is spot on breed standard with a very athletic build and looks like she will live up to her mom’s high standard. We are super excited to watch her grow up.



Artemis is Mason’s girl. She is an AKC registered white Lab – everyone’s favorite breed. Artemis is no exception with her mellow personality and happy attitude. She is a true dream girl. Artemis’s dad is AKC junior hunter titled and her mom hunts as well. If you are looking for a great hunting dog or family pet her puppies will not disappoint.





Nado is the happiest AKC registered Weim you will ever meet. He is happy go lucky and he just wants to be at your side. We picked Nado up from Missouri and he has great hunting lines. He started his life sleeping in Mason’s bed until Nado was as big as Mason and he had to go to his dog bed at night. Nado is a very big boy at almost 100 pounds he is very tall and long very muscular and beautiful. Nado has been through upland game training and loves to hunt.



Jagger is the pride and joy of Bountiful Creek Weimaraner’s. He is AKC registered and dark blue. He has perfect temperament and conformation. Jagger’s favorite place to sleep is in their son’s bed. He is right at breed standard for weight and height. Jagger is what you are looking for in a forever family dog; he loves his exercise and family time.

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