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Bryce Canyon Kennel

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Let us help you find the perfect match for your family with one of our furry kids. 



How are we Different?

At BCK our priority is making sure you have a healthy, happy puppy that best fits you and your family. All our dogs receive Parvo Distemper and a 5-way vaccine (including Parvo), in addition to 5 rounds of de-worming. This means that after your puppies 12 week vaccinations they are less than 7% likely to contract Parvo. We also litter box and crate train to help them smoothly transition into being house trained.


When you buy a puppy from us, you become part of our family!




I’m a Weim lover, I’ve had one in my life for the past 20 years, so I know how amazing it is to have the presence of one in my home. My current Weimeriner is going on 13, and this time around I wanted to try to have one before the devastation of loosing one hits me. So my search started....there are a lot of Weims to be found out there, with technology today you can find anything you want on the internet and have it delivered... this should not be the case with the precious soul of a dog. It’s important to find someone that cares and is not just in it to make a quick buck. My online search finally directed me to Bryce Canyon Kennels, because they came up as a credited Good Dog Breeder so I made the call and Mike was available immediately to talk to me even though he was in the middle of coaching a baseball game, he told me he’s having a litter any day now. After filling out my adoption paper work he said...”now you’re part of the family... “ I felt great relief in that moment that I made the right decision to trust him as a caring breeder.

The morning they were being born, Mike sent a photo of the new pups that had just arrived, telling me it was happening and more were coming so I was looped in from the beginning, which is super awesome, because a Weim isn’t just a dog to me, they are really special. Mike continued to always be available if I wanted to see a video, or more photos to help me choose the right one, they were very patient with me taking my time to choose. I also decided that I would make the trip out there to have one of the 11 choose me. So I did, and I was there for a couple hours with all of them gathered around me, it was an amazing experience, and yes one did choose me. Mike continues to be very available for any questions and is accommodating, the pup comes to me this weekend, they are delivering a couple to the Denver area, so just a quick half hour drive for me.

Margot Rowan   /   Colorado


Licensed Breeder




We would love to have you visit our kennel, but we understand we live off the beaten path and so we want to help make things convenient for all parties.
We try to group deliveries to make it easier on the puppies and there may be some travel costs associated with other delivery locations.
We can also travel to other locations for a cost or fly a dog to you at actual cost.
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